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Best Image Annotation Tools In 2023

After reviewing all of the different paid image annotation tools on offer, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by choices. New ones enter the

What Is Data Labeling For Machine Learning ?

Data labeling is the process of identifying relevant data and assigning it meaningful and informative labels. This is typically done in the context of training

Object Detection with YOLO

What is object detection, and why is it important? Object detection is a computer vision technique that can be used to identify and locate objects

Cad engineer working with 3D software

How to Convert a CAD Model to an OBJ

You have CAD models instead of OBJ files? We’ll provide you with tips and tricks for converting your CAD models to OBJs so you can take advantage of all that Synio has to offer.

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Domain Randomisation for Synthetic Data Generation

In recent years, the field of machine learning has witnessed tremendous advancements, primarily driven by the availability of large-scale labeled datasets. However, gathering such datasets


We generate thousands of perfectly annotated, computer-generated synthetic images and use them to automatically train your custom ML model.



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