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How to Convert a CAD Model to an OBJ

How to Convert a CAD Model to an OBJ for Use with Synio's Services

Are you looking to use Synio’s services for creating synthetic data and training machine learning models, but have CAD models instead of OBJ files? Don’t worry, converting your CAD models to OBJs is a simple process. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks for converting your CAD models to OBJs so you can take advantage of all that Synio has to offer.

1. Step one

Choose a CAD to OBJ Converter There are several CAD to OBJ converters available on the market. Some popular options include AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Blender. Choose the one that best suits your needs and is compatible with the type of CAD file you have.

2. Step two

Import the CAD File Once you have your converter software open, import the CAD file into the software by selecting the “Import” option and choosing the CAD file you want to convert.

3. Step three

Export the File as an OBJ After importing your CAD file, select the “Export” option and choose OBJ as the file format. Make sure to choose a high-quality OBJ format for best results.

4. Step four

Verify the OBJ File Once you have exported the file as an OBJ, verify that it has been converted properly. Open the OBJ file in a 3D modeling software to view and make sure that all the information and details from the CAD file have been retained.

5. Step five

Use the OBJ with Synio Now that you have a high-quality OBJ file, you can use it with Synio’s services. Simply upload the OBJ to the Synio platform, and we’ll do the rest. Our platform will generate synthetic data and train a machine learning model using your OBJ. You can then download the trained model and use it for your specific application.

Convert your CAD models and get the most out of Synio today!

With these simple steps, you can convert your CAD models to OBJs and use them with Synio. Our service generates synthetic data from your 3D model (OBJ) to train a machine learning model, which you can then download and use for your applications. So don’t let the fact that our service only processes OBJ files hold you back – convert your CAD models and get the most out of Synio today!

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